figure drawing Tuesday – more short poses

01/30/2013 § Leave a comment


More two to ten minute poses and a couple of details, with a fifteen and a twenty thrown in at the end.

Compressed and willow charcoals.









Okay. The last drawing has little accurate resemblance to the real model. The second-to-last drawing is probably the most accurate as far as body type and facial features go. He was very thin and lanky. He was also older and quite wrinkly. So, yea. I guess I tend to make shit up.

It occurred to me at the end of the night that I might progress more if I go to draw with an intention. I know, I’m a windbag. I’ve said this before, but then I don’t actually do it. My daily routine is fairly chaotic, plus I’m always on a schedule, so when it comes time to go out and draw, I’m so concerned with not being late, I just grab my crap and run out the door with no consideration as to what I may do. That’s my life. I don’t feel tardy, but I invariably am.

So there it is. I’m tardy. Read that however you like.

I think it would be to my benefit to learn to purposefully draw in a more minimal way, practicing the illusion of closure. I mean to draw less but to still give enough information that your mind completes the line or form for you. I’ve done it before but by complete accident. Control and purpose, two things I should practice but will probably forget about by next week, especially when I go draw again.

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