Mail from Guido Vermeulen? Yes, please!

02/06/2013 § Leave a comment

Guido 1

I am a fan of Mr. Vermeulen’s mail. I really am. And I’m a horrible monster of a person for not sharing the last few pieces of mail I’ve received. So here are a few envelopes with their enclosed stuff, as well as excerpts from a parcel containing a saddle-stitched, hand-bound zine of his collages. I love that book. *Love it.*

I love it so much, I think ya’ll should know he’s published a for realsies art book, one with an ISBN and everything! It’s published by Wapshott Press. The title is The Dress Rehearsal & Other Collages and can be purchased from Amazon for a mere 9.99 USD.

Guido 3

Guido 4


Guido 2

Guido Vermeulen 1

Guido Vermeulen 4

Guido Vermeulen 2

Guido Vermeulen

Guido Vermeulen 3

Guido book FC

Guido book ISFC

Guido book 11

Guido book 15

Guido book 33

Guido book 32

Guido book 16

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